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Saudia Flap Niqab

Saudia Flap Niqab

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Embrace an age-old tradition with a touch of modern finesse with our Saudia Flap Niqab. This piece stands as a symbol of modest elegance, bringing together cherished values and today's design sensibilities.


  • MEdlin-Length Perfection: Striking the ideal balance, our medium length offers optimal coverage while ensuring ease of wear and movement.
  • Flap Design: Thoughtfully crafted for comfort, the flap ensures a coverage without compromising on convenience.
  • Premium Fabric: Experience the gentle embrace of high-quality material, chosen for its softness, breathability, and durability.
  • Ease of Wear: Our design prioritizes both modesty and ease, allowing for quick adjustments and a fit that suits all.

With the Saudia Flap Niqab, step out confidently, knowing you're wearing a piece that represents a beautiful blend of past and present.

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