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FlowMyst Abaya - Army Green

FlowMyst Abaya - Army Green

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Embark on a journey of elegance and distinction with our FlowMyst Abaya. Spanning a color spectrum from the depths of regal purple to the calmness of muted grey, this piece promises to be a cherished jewel in your modest fashion ensemble.


  • Delicate Triple-Layered Chiffon: Bask in the airy lightness and graceful fall of premium chiffon, ensuring modest coverage with an ethereal touch.
  • Closed Design: Specifically crafted with a closed front, it guarantees optimal coverage, marrying tradition with contemporary elegance.
  • Evolving Silhouette: The tiered layers bring forth a dynamic play of light and shadow, creating an entrancing visual appeal.
  • Secure and Customizable: Fitted with inner buttons for a snug and personalized fit, it upholds the essence of modest wear without compromising on style.
  • Palette of Sophistication: Whether your choice is vibrant pink, timeless black, or an in-between shade, FlowMyst caters to every fashion sentiment.
  • Model is 5'6 and is wearing a size 58

Paired with your selected accessories and hijab, the FlowMyst Abaya is not just a garment—it's an experience in style, comfort, and modesty. Elevate any occasion with its timeless allure.

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