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Women's Short-Sleeved Nidha Under-Dress - Purple

Women's Short-Sleeved Nidha Under-Dress - Purple

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Introducing our Women's Short-Sleeved Nidha Under-Dress, the foundation for your modest ensemble. Available in black, grey, and purple, this under-dress offers a combination of comfort, practicality, and subtle elegance.

Crafted from premium nidha fabric, this under-dress promises a silky, comfortable feel and a graceful drape. Nidha's breathability and lightweight qualities make this under-dress ideal for wear under your abaya, ensuring your comfort throughout the day.

Designed with short sleeves, this under-dress is perfect for layering, offering modest coverage without bulk. It's an essential piece for your modest wardrobe, providing the versatility to be paired with a variety of abayas.

Choose from classic black, versatile grey, or vibrant purple to suit your mood or coordinate with your abaya.

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